Clarehouse is a community home for dying individuals that has served Northeastern Oklahoma for 17 years. The house fills a critical gap, providing a loving home and compassionate care for people in their last month of life. This need is unmet by state or government funding or private insurance.

Before Clarehouse, families in the Northeastern Oklahoma communities had few choices when their loved ones needed more care than medical hospice services could offer. Through collaboration with local hospices, which provide medical management, Clarehouse offers 24-hour support to the dying individual and family. This partnership avoids duplication of services while bridging the gap in care and funding at life’s end.

The house was formed in January of 2001 by a group of committed individuals with a passion for easing the burden of those dying in need. In a nutshell, Clarehouse is a comfortable living space with round the clock practical care for terminally ill people, accessing hospice care through the partnership with hospices. Clarehouse was the first Omega Home in Oklahoma – in essence, an independent nonprofit designed for care at the end of life, staffed by paid caregivers supported by community volunteers.

Clarehouse provides short-term, end-of-life care to people of all ages. Through community generosity, all care at Clarehouse is offered free of charge. To qualify to stay at Clarehouse, guests must be enrolled in a local hospice program. Learn more at