A Message From the Desk of Tom Wilkins

I can still remember walking into Trust Company of Oklahoma’s Utica office for the first time. It was January 1990, and I had just joined Trust Company of Oklahoma. Paul Kallenberger managed the recently opened office, and did a fantastic job taking care of the clients who found it convenient to meet with our advisors in Midtown.

The first thing I noticed about the office, other than the employees’ outstanding friendliness, was its classic and welcoming atmosphere. Mr. Kallenberger kept an old world environment that our clients always appreciated.

Since 1989, when our Utica office opened its doors for business, Tulsa and Trust Company of Oklahoma have changed a lot. Kallenberger retired in 2016, and Michael Hairston is now heading the trust administration division. He oversees all of our trust services, therefore it makes sense to have his team closer.

So it is with pride (for what that office has always represented) and excitement (for what is coming) that I inform you that our team occupying the 21st & Utica location has joined us at the Yale headquarters. Michael Hairston, Joanna Murphy and Sydney Wilson now office at 6120 South Yale Avenue, Suite 1900.

We’ve always had a team approach across our offices, but now we get to help you and your family from one Tulsa location.

Come visit Michael, Joanna, Sydney, Lisa and Emilee at their new offices.

Once again, thank you for allowing us to serve you.

In addition, later this fall, our colleagues from the Utica office will move to our main location at the Warren Two Building in south Tulsa.

As you can see, we continue to strengthen our company. I hope your summer is filled with relaxation, family, and friends.

Thank you for your continued confidence and for allowing us to serve you.

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