VIEWPOINT: A Fond Farewell

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For nearly 25 years, clients and colleagues knew one person who always had unwavering dedication, a sharp legal mind, and a heart brimming with Midwestern compassion: Lesa Creveling. 

Recently, we marked the bittersweet retirement of this remarkable woman who wore many hats – legal counsel, tax manager, real property manager, mineral manager, risk manager, corporate secretary, and executive vice president – but always remained a foundational member of our team.

Lesa’s true passion lay in championing the vulnerable. Medical malpractice victims, seniors facing financial elder abuse, and those preyed upon by unsuitable trustees – all of them found a fierce advocate in Lesa. She possessed an uncanny ability to translate complex legalese into clear, actionable steps, empowering those wronged to reclaim their lives.

Beneath the formidable legal mind and unwavering resolve beat a heart deeply connected to her roots. Hailing from southwest Iowa, Lesa brought a refreshing dose of small-town sensibility to the trust and wealth management business. Her dry wit and down-to-earth demeanor disarmed even the most hardened opponents, while her sense of fairness ensured every decision was rooted in common sense and ethical principles.

Few individuals can claim the distinction of wielding both the power of law and the precision of accounting. Lesa was one such rarity. A CPA and an attorney, she possessed a unique blend of financial savvy and legal prowess. This exceptional combination enabled her to navigate complex situations with unparalleled clarity and foresight. 

Lesa’s contributions have left an indelible mark on this company. Her dedication and expertise will continue to shape our work and team for many years to come. She will be missed by her clients and colleagues alike.

Michael Hopper

Michael Hopper, CFP®
President and CEO

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