Trust Officer

Baylor Cashmore is a trust officer in the Retirement Plan Solutions Operation Group at Trust Company of Oklahoma. Baylor has a strong focus on 401(k) retirement plans and services, with extensive experience working with customers, CEOs, and owners of small and large businesses. He provides customized solutions and expert guidance on their retirement planning needs. Baylor was inspired to pursue a career in the financial industry by the opportunity to gain a skillset that he could use both personally and professionally. He brings a unique perspective to his work, combining his deep knowledge of the industry with a genuine desire to help people improve their financial well-being. In addition to his work at Trust Company of Oklahoma, Baylor is also a participating representative for the Relius Virtual User Group. He collaborates with members and users nationwide to brainstorm the future and provide modern resources for all Relius users and clients.

(918) 744-0553