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Market Observations by Bob McCormick - September 2018

The right estate planning will not only put our own minds at ease but make our family’s life less stressful.
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Market Observations by Bob McCormick - August 2018

Thinking you can day-trade your way to riches by being fast is bad thinking. If you can’t outrun a cheetah, don’t even think about out-trading high-frequency trading firms.
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Our Commitment

We opened our doors for business over 37 years ago, not yesterday. We are not a start up, pressured for quick results. Read Joe Ray's letter.
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The Certainty of Taxes in Retirement

Many retirees mistakenly believe that once they retire they won't have to pay taxes anymore. Your retirement success depends on planning carefully your income and taxes. Read article.
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Market Observations by Bob McCormick - July 2018

Corporate earnings are growing at a double-digit rate, yet halfway through the year the S&P 500 posted a meager 2.6% return. Read Bob's investment market commentary.

July 2018 ViewPoint

A message from the desk of Tom Wilkins.
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Catching Up with Your Retirement Savings

Most Americans don't have enough saved for retirement. Is your nest eggs not where it should be? Are you not maxing out your 401(k) contributions? Don't panic. There's still time to catch up with a few strategies and enjoy financial peace of mind soon.

July 2018 Spotlight

Each quarter, we highlight a local nonprofit organization working to improve our communities. This quarter, we are please to feature South Tulsa Community House, which serves Tulsa's vulnerable community of the Riverwood area.
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Decrypting the Bitcoin Bubble

The cryptocurrency's meteoric rise in 2017 had the investment community in awe. Today, the Bitcoin phenomenon has turned into a bloodbath. Investors' confidence is gone. Read an interview with Senior Vice President Michael Abboud about Bitcoin's rise and fall.
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