Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

April 2022 Investment Perspectives

We discuss the Fed's response to inflation, updates to our Oklahoma City office, choosing a successor trustee and dealing with your "things."

The Fed’s War on Inflation

Is an economic “soft landing” possible with historically high inflation?

Finding Peace With Your Possessions

You love your things – but how do your heirs feel about them?

Is There a Pilot on Board?

Choosing your successor trustee is a lot like choosing a co-pilot – be careful who you choose to handle your assets after your death.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

January 2022 Investment Perspectives

We discuss inflation, the market and the economy of 2021 and 2022, the 1099-B form, the difference oil & gas professionals can make, and more.

Knowledge Is Power

Professional guidance can pay dividends when it comes to examining your oil and gas assets.

What Is ‘Normal’ Now?

We look at inflation, the market, and the economy in 2021 to see if 2022 will be an equally unusual year.

New Features for TCO Clients

TCO is pleased to share some exciting new features for our clients, which should help make filing your tax returns easier than ever.

Understanding Your 1099 Form

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between covered and noncovered sales on your TCO 1099-B form? We break down the differences.
Illustration by TCO

Taking Stock of Big Tech

Big Tech has enjoyed big gains during the pandemic, but how long can its dominance last?
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

October 2021 Investment Perspectives

Our experts discuss how long Big Tech can keep up its big gains, Oklahoma's new decanting statute and protecting yourself from cybercriminals.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

July 2021 Investment Perspectives

Our experts discuss whether inflation is here to stay and provide details on how Biden's tax plan could affect you and your assets.

Fleeting or Forever?

It's the word dominating headlines and on most people's minds. Is inflation here to stay, or will it ease as the pandemic restrictions end?
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

April 2021 Investment Perspectives

Our experts explain how Bitcoin works, what you can do to capitalize on the real estate market, and how Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts can help remove assets from your taxable estate.

Bitcoin Basics

Bitcoin has been described as 'digital gold.' But what exactly is it?
Nicks Top 10 History Books

One For the History Books

With more free time in 2020, Nick dived into the U.S. history. Check out his favorite non-fiction books.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

January 2021 Investment Perspectives

Our experts reflect on the economic trends likely to impact investors in 2021, preventive financial care and estate planning lessons from Walden.
Investment Article

Through Thick And Thin

2020 was without a doubt an interesting year. Despite all the challenges, the economy rebounded sharply. What does the future have in store for 2021?

One Hundred Years Later – Dispatches From Route 66

Are you suffering from Presidential Election Fatigue? Let's take a look at the 1920 U.S. Election for some healthy historical perspective.
Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

2021 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

Learn how much you can contribute in 2021 toward your retirement.

More Confidence, Less Cash – Dispatches From Route 66

What will it take to get us back on the horse and reignite the U.S. economy?

A Leader’s Legacy – Saying Farewell to Tom Wilkins

Recently, Thomas W. Wilkins retired as CEO of Trust Company of Oklahoma after 30 years serving our clients. He will remain as Chairman of our Board of Directors and the values he has instilled in all of us are his strongest legacy.
It Takes a Team

It Takes a Team – The Recipe for Successful Estate Planning

Couples get better investment results when both spouses discuss their views with their financial professionals.

Disconnected and Detached – Stock Market v. Economic Reality

A comprehensive overview of the stock market in 2020.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

October 2020 Investment Perspectives

A comprehensive overview of the stock market, the recipe for successful estate planning, saying farewell to Tom Wilkins, welcoming new professionals and more.

To Infinity and Beyond – Dispatches From Route 66

It's an Apple-and-Tesla new world. Let's talk about paradigm shift.
Investment Management: The Trend Is Your Friend

The Trend Is Your Friend

Investment management in the time of COVID-19, government interference, and low interest rates. Keep an eye on the trends.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

Trust Company of Oklahoma Promotes Jim Arens to Chief Executive Officer, Michael Hopper to Chief Operating Officer

Trust Company of Oklahoma Promotes Jim Arens to CEO, Michael Hopper to COO.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

Tulsa World: TCO Promotes Mock, Gallus, and Ghosn. Hires Priebe, Jimenez.

TCO welcomes Priebe and Jimenez, promotes Mock, Gallus, Ghosn.

The Price of Greatness – Dispatches From Route 66

Philip Mock reviews TV series about Michael Jordan.

The Winding Road to Recovery

2020: Reasons to stay optimistic about the economy while working towards the end of the pandemic.

Government Funds Breakthrough Vaccine Research

Learn more about the federal agencies funding development of the COVID-19 vaccine.
Healthcare Worker

Collective Healing Process – Dispatches From Route 66

The current pandemic created tough challenges for our community. And much like the OKC Bombing 25 years ago, we are collectively supporting each other. Read more.
Oil field at sunset

Subzero Oil Prices and the Storage Problem

U.S. crude sold at -$37.63 a barrel on Monday, a historic drop below zero. How did we get to this point in the oil and gas industry?

Don’t Touch Your Portfolio (Or Your Face!) – Dispatches From Route 66

Investment Dos and Don'ts During Recession.

CARES Act Signed by President Trump Impacts Retirement Plans

Historic financial stimulus bill includes provisions that impact retirement plans and how businesses can support employees affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Outlast The Storm

You can't control the stock markets nor stop COVID-19. Managing investments in the midst of the pandemic.

The End of the Stretch IRA

The SECURE Act eliminated a popular feature, the “Stretch IRA.” Learn how this will impact your estate planning and charitable contributions.

Tax Day Delayed To July 15

As COVID-19 grips the nation, the IRS delayed the deadline to file and pay federal income taxes. Read more.

Our Response To COVID-19

Our offices are open and our services continue uninterrupted. Read more.
Social Distancing

Don’t Let Fear Paralyze You

In times of uncertainty with stock market and health concerns, it is easy to let fear paralyze us. Read Lesa Creveling's article.

Buying or Renting? – Dispatches From Route 66

We are often asked about the trade-offs between buying and renting a home. In this article, Nick Gallus offers some general advice and observations to help you navigate this decision.

How the SECURE Act Affects Your Retirement Plan

Learn how the SECURE Act provisions for 401(k) plans may affect your retirement plan and the retirement of your employees.

All Bets on the Underdog – Dispatches From Route 66

If you are considering taking a vacation in 2020, book it sooner rather than later. Learn more.

Phone Scam Alert

Do not fall for the Suspended Social Security Number scam.

Off the Beaten Path: Hidden Gems in the US – Dispatches From Route 66

If you are considering taking a vacation in 2020, book it sooner rather than later. Learn more.

A Beneficial New Year’s Resolution

Some resolutions are hard to accomplish. This one is easy - but very important, especially with the passage of the SECURE Act.
eggs and coins

SECURE Act Significantly Impacts Your Retirement Planning

If you have an IRA heading into 2020, here's what you need to know about the new tax law and how it may impact your retirement and estate planning.

Doing the Limbo

Our Chief Investment Officer looks back at 2019. Stock returns were very strong, but the bond market forced investors to play the limbo game.
Bob McCormick

Final Edition – Bob’s Market Observations

For your sake, I have decided to wrap up with a single reminder I regularly direct at myself.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

Tulsa World: TCO Promotes Emily Crain, Lindsay Bivin, Rebecca Mitchell and Sean Connolly

TCO is proud to recognize our professionals who earned promotions in the last quarter of 2019.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

Tulsa World: Ben Reynolds, Michael Hopper & Michael Hairston

TCO welcomes Ben Reynolds as senior vice president in the Retirement Plan Solutions Division and promotes Michael Hopper and Michael R. Hairston to executive vice presidents.
tax folders

Be a Responsible Property Owner: Properly Store Your Documents

While record-keeping can be a tedious task, it's essential to being a responsible property owner.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

Journal Record: Jessica Hendrix, Ben Reynolds and Emily Crain

TCO welcomes Jessica Hendrix and Ben Reynolds as vice president and senior vice president, respectively. In addition, Emily Crain, who has been with the company since 2017, is promoted to senior vice president.
woman shopping online

It’s Cyber Monday for Cyber Criminals, Too

While we are online looking for the best deals, cyber criminals are looking for opportunities to steal our sensitive information. Learn how to protect yourself.
grandparents and grandkids

Passing Down the Family History – Bob’s Market Observations

It’s not just transferring material wealth to our children and grandchildren that we should focus on, but our own personal histories. Read more.
TCO 2020 RPS Limits card

A Christmas Gift to Your Future Self

Make your end-of-year bonus increase your retirement readiness. Take a look at how much you can contribute in 2020 towards your retirement plan.
Granny Cams

Understand Proposed IRA Changes Before Making Estate Planning Decisions

Changes may be on the horizon for legislation regarding Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Understanding and reviewing the proposed bills is prudent before making estate planning decisions.


TCO is proud to announce that Vice President Bri Ghosn, CPA, CFP®, CDFA® was nominated for the 2019 Taxologist of the Year.

Financial Parenting: Teaching Your Kids Financial Responsibility – Bob’s Market Observations

The financial beliefs we pass down to our children can have a significant effect on their financial outcomes. Read more.
stocked refrigerator

Chill Before Serving to Avoid Family Litigation

Litigation can be destructive to families, both financially and emotionally. Learn how families can avoid the courts to settle their differences.

What A Waste – Bob’s Market Observations

Food waste is a serious environmental problem in the United States and other parts of the world. Fortunately, there are efforts along the chain from the farm to the consumer to help reduce waste.
Bob McCormick

Bob McCormick Hits the Open Road

Our colleague is taking an early retirement at the end of the year. Although we don't normally announce retirements in this publication, it is important to note a few of Bob's lasting impacts on us, his colleagues.
Abraham Lincoln

Where There’s a Will…

What do Aretha Franklin, President Abraham Lincoln and Prince have in common? Find out.

Upside Down

Making Sense of the Recent Yield Curve
empty picture frame

What Does Your Family Look Like?

Family structures have become more complex over the last few decades. Most households are now the result of blended families with working moms, adopted kids, second marriages, and the list goes on. Your estate plan needs to be customized for your specific situation.

IRA: Why, When & How Often?

Here we share some important guidance on when to withdraw funds from your IRA. While withdrawal may seem like an easy task, you may find yourself paying more in taxes than necessary.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

KFOR: Joe Ray Represents Sunbeam Board in Surprising Educator with MVP Award

Senior Vice President & Manager of the Oklahoma City Region Joe Ray was honored to represent the Sunbeam Family Services board of directors in presenting educator, Paula Gates with the Express Employment Professionals MVP Award for Excellence.
Federal Reserve

The Risk Of Negative Interest Rates In The U.S. – Bob’s Market Observations

Understand the risk of negative interest rates in the U.S.

Philip Mock Earn CFA® Designation

TCO proudly announces that senior vice president Philip D. Mock earned the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

Tulsa World: Jim Savage and Tracey Sealy Join Trust Company of Oklahoma

We are pleased to announce that Jim Savage and Tracey Sealy joined our team as a senior vice president in the Investment Management division and marketing officer in the Corporate division, respectively.
TCO Fiduciary Rule

The Fiduciary Rule: What It Means For You

We have served our clients with a fiduciary duty since our founding in 1981.

Two Rules To Live By – Bob’s Market Observations

Life's better when you follow those two simple principles.
financial abuse in elders

Alzheimer’s And Dementia Patients Are Easy Prey For Scammers

Avoid being a victim of financial exploitation.

Don’t Be A Silo

Individual trustees do not need to face all the challenges alone.
trust company of oklahoma

ViewPoint – Why Clients Do Business With Us

I have many reason to be proud of who we are and the services we offer
wedding cake

The New Tax Law & the Economics of Divorce

Understand the new tax law before untying the knot
dodo illustration

Trying Not To Be a Dodo

Changing Political Climate Threatens Fiscal Conservative Species
glasses on desk

Is Fiscal Discipline Extinct? – Bob’s Market Observations

Does anyone care about government spending and debt? And who will pay the bill?
Senior man comforting senior woman

How Health Problems Become Wealth Problems

Effective retirement planning involves being healthy. Learn how to protect your wealth and your health after you retire.
Jim Arens

James F. Arens II Named President of Trust Company of Oklahoma

Announcement was made Tuesday, May 14. Thomas W. Wilkins remains chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO.

Collecting Spousal Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits are an important component to retirement planning. Here's what you need to know about receiving Social Security on your spouse.
yellow brick road

Staying on The Yellow Brick Road

Financial exploitation and elder abuse continue to rise. How can you protect yourself and your lifetime savings? Read Lesa's article.

They Want To Take Away Your Burgers – Bob’s Market Observations

There's been a growing buzz about cow's flatulence contributing to global warming. What does that have to do with land usage and the economy? Read more.
TCO Fiduciary Rule

Beyond Our Borders: Why You Should Be Investing in International Markets

It is important to invest in international stocks. Here's why.

DPOA: A Document With Super Powers

A Durable Power of Attorney is a super document. It allows a trusted representative to act in your place. Learn how a DPOA can help you.
trust company of oklahoma

ViewPoint – A Message from the Desk of Tom Wilkins

"Why should anyone hire Trust Company of Oklahoma to serve as corporate trustee and invest the assets if a family member can do it for free?" she asked me. Here's what I responded.
working on taxes

Playing Hoops With the IRS

Are you a small business owner or investor? Please meet Qualified Business Income (QBI) deduction.

Happy Birthday, Batman!

Batman, the first comic strip trust fund baby, turns 80 today. What lessons can we draw from the Dark Knight?

My Aunt’s Close Call – Bob’s Market Observations

Luckily, one day, Bob discovered that a beneficiary document his aunt signed could put her estate plan at risk of entering the troubled probate waters.

Ron Burke, CFP®, CTFA Joins Trust Company of Oklahoma

The oldest and largest independent trust company in the state is pleased to announce that Ron Burke joined the firm as a senior vice president in the Oklahoma City region.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

2019 Taxes Cheat Sheet

Easily find out how much you owe the IRS on income taxes, long-term investment capital gains taxes, or trust taxes. A printable cheat sheet to keep on your desk.
man using laptop

Jobs of the Future – Bob’s Market Observations

"Many jobs in the future aren't even in existence today." Are we unprepared for what's coming? Read more.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients Are Easy Prey For Scammers

Each day, Alzheimer's or dementia patients are at a high risk of being financially exploited. Learn how to spot it and how to prevent it.

“Drill, Baby, Drill”

The oil and gas market has been a rollercoaster. Oil barrels reached the $75 price range then dropped again. What does 2019 hold for the energy industry?

The Return of Volatility

It was a challenging year for investors. We wrapped up 2018 with a second 10% correction for the year. What's driving investor anxiety and how does 2019 look like for the markets?
financial planning expert- bob mccormick

New Year’s Day Reflection- Bob’s Market Observations

We ended 2018 with high volatility, but McCormick is optimistic our investments will be better off soon. It’s not shaping up to be a straight line though.

How to Survive A Bear Market – Bob McCormick’s Market Observations

The recent market volatility got many investors in a panic. Again. What's the best strategy to live through a bear market?
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Market Observations – October 2018

I've recently crossed the Southwest towards California, and one of my favorite parts of the trip was driving by the trains transporting goods to and from the West coast, a statement of the power of rail road transportation and our economy. As for investments, September brought record highs for large-cap U.S. stocks. Read more.
retirement planning with spouse

Qualified Charitable Distribution

Maximize your charitable gifts while saving on Medicare, income taxes and Social Security. Learn how making contributions directly from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) can be good for the nonprofit and for your pocket.

Tariffs And Raisins – Children Pick Up On The Darndest Things

The Trump administration recently imposed steep tariffs on several countries, including China. In retaliation, China imposed tariffs on American products. This isn't the first time the U.S. grapples with competitive tariffs, though. Learn more about our country's history of tariff conflicts and the current conflict's impact on our economy.
financial review on tablet

Market Observations by Bob McCormick – September 2018

The right estate planning will not only put our own minds at ease but make our family’s life less stressful.
financial review on tablet

Market Observations by Bob McCormick – August 2018

Thinking you can day-trade your way to riches by being fast is bad thinking. If you can’t outrun a cheetah, don’t even think about out-trading high-frequency trading firms.
older couple

The Certainty of Taxes in Retirement

Many retirees mistakenly believe that once they retire they won't have to pay taxes anymore. Your retirement success depends on planning carefully your income and taxes. Read article.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Market Observations – July 2018

Corporate earnings are growing at a double-digit rate, yet halfway through the year the S&P 500 posted a meager 2.6% return. Read Bob's investment market commentary.
retirement planning with spouse

Catching Up with Your Retirement Savings

Most Americans don't have enough saved for retirement. Is your nest eggs not where it should be? Are you not maxing out your 401(k) contributions? Don't panic. There's still time to catch up with a few strategies and enjoy financial peace of mind soon.

Decrypting the Bitcoin Bubble

The cryptocurrency's meteoric rise in 2017 had the investment community in awe. Today, the Bitcoin phenomenon has turned into a bloodbath. Investors' confidence is gone. Read an interview with Senior Vice President Michael Abboud about Bitcoin's rise and fall.

Tax Reform: How It Affects You

Congress recently passed the largest piece of tax reform legislation in more than three decades. The bill affects most taxpayers. One area is the ability to deduct charitable contributions. Vice President Emily Crain broke it down to what you need to know.

Market Observations – June 2018

A lot of factors impact economic growth, and demographics are certainly one of them. The government just released the 2017 births report, and the findings show a 30-year low in the number of births and a large increase in deaths for age group 25-34. Read Bob's commentary.

Top 5 Retirement Planning Mistakes

Along with getting married and having kids, retiring is one of the most serious decisions you will make in life. If you plan carefully, your retirement years can be filled with joy and financial independence. But the alternative can lead you to serious financial problems. Here are our top 5 retirement planning mistakes to avoid in order to achieve a successful retirement.
retirement planning with spouse

Why You Might Want Both a Traditional 401(k) and a Roth

Planning for retirement involves balancing what you're willing to set aside now with what you'll pay in taxes while in retirement. Splitting your retirement savings between a traditional 401(k) and a Roth 401(k) — or IRA — is sound planning.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Market Observations – May 2018

What are the lessons history taught us? Today's headlines are troublesome, but a quick look at American history provides a healthy dose of perspective. Read Bob's commentary on the market performance and social issues.
Whittney Stauffer Joins Friends of Finance

Investment Perspectives – Tech Talk

Tech companies are disproportionally driving stock market returns and capturing the majority of national headlines. But haven't we seen this (scary) movie before, during the "Tech Bubble?"

Cautiously Optimistic

Money managers are supposed to be cautiously optimistic over time.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

When Instincts Are Wrong: Overcoming Behavioral Biases

One of the fascinating aspects of managing wealth for individuals is getting to watch the wide range of human emotions play out in real time.
father and son enjoying retirement

The Class of 2030 – Gearing Up For College Without Going Broke

According to some predictions, the estimate cost for my five-year-old to attend a four-year public university is around $175,000 and this is assuming he receives in-state tuition. A private college is expected to be closer to $475,000. Gulp!
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Should Anyone Buy Bonds?

Past performance is not a predictor of future results.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations


Innovation Everywhere, Except in the Numbers
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain

A close look at where the interest rates may be headed.
real estate lake side property

Overcoming The Emotion of Family Properties

Family legacy properties are extremely emotional assets. The feelings triggered by the thought of parting with the family farm, lake cabin or beach house can become the cause of tension among family members.

Predictably Unpredictable

What a predictable year it’s been.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Finding Meaning in the Noise

When I wrote in this space last October, stock market averages had fallen sharply in August and September and investors were fearful of further declines.
retirement planning with spouse

Retirement Income Planning: Escaping from the Daily Grind

Odds are you too have invested far more time than necessary researching some banal household purchase. But if you are nearing your retirement or are already in the midst of it, how much time have you have considered your income strategy in retirement? Was it more or less than the time spent on your last Amazon.com purchase?
retirement planning with spouse

The Dangers of Senior Isolation

Old age “ain’t for sissies.” There is some truth to that.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

The Money Market Reform

The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued new rules for prime (nongovernment) money market funds. Learn how this affects your investments.
retirement planning with spouse

Roth Rules

How to Make a Roth Work for You

Whatever it Takes?

U.S. stocks were up modestly the first half of the year. The trip was anything but calm. A sharp drop early in the year was followed by a rally moving in tandem with higher oil prices.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

A Tale of Two Halves

We were in the midst of March Madness when I realized the first quarter of 2016 was like a basketball game for the markets, comprised of two unique halves.
bull and bear stand off

A Better 401(k)

Learn to Love the Pullbacks
bull and bear stand off

That’s What Trusts Are For

Learn to Love the Pullbacks
bull and bear stand off

Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal
bull and bear stand off

Climbing The Wall Of Worry

Climbing The Wall Of Worry
bull and bear stand off

Learn to Love the Pullbacks

Learn to Love the Pullbacks

Dangerous Words

There are five words investors should always use with caution: "It is different this time". In this article Bob suggests two unusual suspects which may explain why "different" may be happening now.

Planning For What Matters Most

In this article, Jamie provides important counsel on how to prepare for your children's future.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Taxes & Scams, Ham & Eggs

Tax season is unnerving enough without scammers preying on you. In this article, Bob shares the latest scam to be wary of.
bull and bear stand off

Will the Bull Stumble in 2014?

Will the Bull Stumble in 2014?

HEMS To Live By

Joanna Murphy reviews how important language and communication are when it comes to estate planning.
starting a living trust

It’s Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

David Stanley offers some helpful questions that we should be asking our financial advisors.

All Eyes On The Fed

Jim Arens discusses what the new year might hold for both stocks and bonds and whether the strong stock returns of 2013 are likely to continue.
financial abuse in elders

Don’t Let Your Digital Assets Evaporate Into the Cloud

In this article, Melissa Taylor sheds light on a subject that has never crossed the minds of many, Digital Assets & Estate Planning.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Just How Safe Are Bonds?

In this article, Zac Reynolds shares his insights on the market and the safety of Bonds.

Fees Matter

In Debi Combs article, Fees Matter, she explains the importance of knowing what fees are being charged in your 401(k) plan and how those fees can effect your bottom line at retirement.

A Legacy of Wealth and Purpose

In Jamie O'Shields article, A Legacy of Wealth and Purpose, she provides helpful tips on how to make sure your family legacy is carried on... long after you are gone.

Tough Love

In his article, Tough Love, Bob McCormick shares his thoughts on how the possible change in Federal Reserve policy may affect interest rates and the stock market.
historical books

Why Establish a Trust?

In this article, Jean Kates shares her perspective, as a rancher's daughter, on why establishing a trust is so important.

Are Your Assets Protected?

In this article, Michael Hairston discusses a variety of asset protection options to consider in this uncertain world.

Can Stocks Stay “In The Zone”?

With a strong first quarter for stocks, Cameron Turner explains the reasons and offers his thoughts as to what the future might bring.
how to plan for retirement

Retire On Time

Don’t miss Paul Giehm’s timely article on four important principles.

Is Free Market Capitalism Fair?

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

It’s All About Medicare

With the dawn of 2013, Jim Arens shares his thoughts on what the upcoming year may hold for the investment community and more importantly, for you.

Making Cents

In the December 2012 issue of Tulsa People

So You Think You’re Rational?

Cameron Turner's article poses three questions to help you determine if you are a rational investor.

How Do You Spell Taxmeggedon?

Joanna Murphy describes the impact of these changes as they relate to investments and estate planning.

Avoiding A Fall Off The Fiscal Cliff

With the presidential election only a month away, the “fiscal cliff” looming at the end of this year, and the potential for significant increases in taxes beginning next year, investors are focusing  on what might happen and what they should do about it.

The Sunny Side of the Street

While most Oklahomans are hoping for a little rain, it’s a safe bet that no one wants it to start raining on the real estate market’s slow and steady recovery.
how to plan for retirement

The Retirement Myth

Two popular yet contradictory mindsets in modern culture say that you should love what you do and that you should strive to stop doing it as early as possible.

Well, Shake It Up, Baby, Now… Twist & Shout

It’s July, which typically means summer vacation! However, that’s not the case for the Federal Reserve, as Corey Redington discusses the impact on investors of the Fed’s continuation of Operation Twist announced in June.

The Sword of Damocles: Funding the Living Trust

Jamie O’Shields writes about unfunded living trusts and the dangers of staying in the hot seat.
financial abuse in elders

Preventing Exploitation of Elders

Jennifer May discusses a topic we all hope to never experience but need to be made aware of. Elder exploitation is no joke. Learn how to arm yourself and your loved ones.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Q & A with Becky Frank

Becky Frank, Tulsa Metro Chamber Chairman & CEO of Schnake Turnbo Frank| PR recently visited with two of Trust Company of Oklahoma’s portfolio managers, Michael Abboud and Cameron Turner, to get their perspective and opinions on investments in the world today.

IRAs: Why, When & How Often

Karen Ellis provides important guidance on when to withdraw funds from your IRA. While withdrawal may seem like an easy task, you may find yourself paying more in taxes than necessary.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Q & A – The Safety of your Money at TCO

(Originally published January 2009)
financial planning services

Yes, We Can!

David Stanley clears up a common misconception some individuals have when they hear the name “Trust Company of Oklahoma.”
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

It’s All About Europe… For Now

Jim Arens shares his thoughts on what investors can expect from the stock market in 2012.
historical books

Family Wealth Preservation Trust

Protecting your assets from creditors may not be the first thing you think about when you wake up but all too often, people do not think about it at all until it is too late. Fortunately, in Oklahoma we have an attractive asset protection vehicle called the Oklahoma Family Wealth Preservation Trust (FWPT) that can help Oklahoma residents and non-residents alike. Read Lesa Creveling’s insightful article (originally published June 2006) on the benefits of this asset protection trust, its tax treatment and how it works in relation to federal bankruptcy law.
managing trust and estate planning

The Road to Trustee Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Joanna Murphy discusses the challenges individuals face when serving as a trustee or as an executor of an estate. Being a fiduciary carries a tremendous amount of responsibility ranging from detailed record keeping to bill paying, from tax returns to investments. But don’t despair - Joanna also shares how having a corporate trustee such as Trust Company of Oklahoma can help ease the burden when filling this role, especially for friends and family.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Double Dip – Ice Cream or the Economy?

Published in Investment Perspectives October 2011 issue.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Nation’s debt level must be addressed now

Published in the Tulsa World on August 18, 2011.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Is Inflation Back?

It depends on your outlook.

Prosperity with a Purpose

Is there a purpose for your prosperity? In other words, what are you trying to accomplish with your wealth?

The Oil & Gas Industry in Oklahoma

Many do not realize that gasoline accounts for less than one-half of the products made from a barrel of crude in the U.S
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Kicking The Can

If there is one thing our Congress is good at, it is their ability to consistently kick the can...

Planning & Caring for Children with Special Needs

Parents of children with disabilities are often faced with the challenge of providing a level of care most families never experience.
how to plan for retirement

What About My Retirement?

When I retire, I plan to travel to exotic places, spoil the grandkids I hope to have someday and spend lots of time on the beach. I know these dreams won’t come true without some wise decisions on my part--many of which have to do with my retirement plan.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

Geopolitical Events – Abroad and Here

Crises around the globe have consumed much of our attention as of late.
Bob McCormick's Market Observations

The Path to Bringing Jobs Back Home

America must address currency manipulation and focus on exports so as to lessen our dependence on personal consumption and housing as sources of economic growth.

The Unknown Certainty of Taxes

As the old saying goes, nothing in life is certain but Death and Taxes.
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