Phone Scam Alert

By Marcia Brookey

There is a new scam going around. Someone claiming to be from the Social Security Administration or a robocaller calls to inform you that your Social Security number has been suspended for suspicion of illegal activity.

The fraudster continues: “if you do not contact us immediately, your account will be deactivated.” And the call to action comes next: “Press 1 or call immediately our department at…”

The fraud is so advanced, sometimes scammers even spoof the Social Security Administration’s customer service phone number and the caller ID displays “Social Security Administration.”

This is a scam and the Social Security Administration is aware of it. Thieves are trying to steal your sensitive information, including Social Security number, birth date, bank account number and home address.

In some cases, the thief may go on to say that the government has filed a lawsuit against you and that you must make a payment via wire transfer to reactivate your account.

  1. The Social Security Administration will never call you.
  2. The Social Security Administration will never threaten you for information.
  3. The Social Security Administration will never ask for money to reactivate an account.
  4. The Social Security Administration does not make threats about taking legal action if you fail to provide information.

Do not provide any information. Furthermore, do not press 1, nor contact the phone number provided by the caller. Simply hang up.

Each year, scammers up their game and find new ways to trick us into giving them access to our sensitive information.

Protect yourself, your identity and your finances. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Do not provide your Social Security number to strangers.
  2. Avoid answering phone calls from numbers that you do not recognize.
  3. Never disclose personal information to anyone claiming to be from a financial institution if you have not been contacted via mail previously.

In doubt, contact our financial professionals before taking action.

Marcia Brookey, APR
Vice President and Director of Marketing

(918) 744-0553