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We opened our doors in 1981, making us the oldest and largest independent trust company in Oklahoma. That tradition represents something important to us and to our clients.

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Don't Be A Silo

Individual trustees do not need to face all the challenges alone.

July 2019 Investment Perspectives

Our experts comment on the stock markets, estate planning, taxes and more.

Spotlight - Resonance

Resonance is a center for women, helping improve lives and rebuild families.

ViewPoint - Why Clients Do Business With Us

I have many reason to be proud of who we are and the services we offer

The New Tax Law & the Economics of Divorce

Understand the new tax law before untying the knot

Honey, We Forgot The Car!

How to handle cars in estate planning

Trying Not To Be a Dodo

Changing Political Climate Threatens Fiscal Conservative Species
financial planning services

Asset Distribution Per Stirpes

Understanding your will and how your assets will be divided

Is Fiscal Discipline Extinct? Read Bob's Market Observation

Does anyone care about government spending and debt? And who will pay the bill?

How Health Problems Become Wealth Problems

Effective retirement planning involves being healthy. Learn how to protect your wealth and your health after you retire.

James F. Arens II Named President of Trust Company of Oklahoma

Announcement was made Tuesday, May 14. Thomas W. Wilkins remains chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO.

Collecting Spousal Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits are an important component to retirement planning. Here's what you need to know about receiving Social Security on your spouse.
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