To Our Trusted Clients And Friends

Delivering superior service is at the core of everything we do at Trust Company of Oklahoma. Although COVID-19 continues to impact our communities and create unprecedented disruption in all our daily lives, I assure you that our commitment to serving our clients and their families remains as resolute as ever.


From an operations perspective, Trust Company of Oklahoma has long planned for various unfortunate scenarios, including the kind currently unfolding.

Although the magnitude of this event is truly historic, so too is the resiliency of our professional team.

Some of our employees have begun to work remotely, and more may do so in the future as the coronavirus situation progresses.

Our mission is to maintain 100% operational integrity with no disruption in service, while ensuring the safety and health of our clients and dedicated professionals.


All of us at Trust Company of Oklahoma are sensitive to the impact of the recent turmoil in financial markets. We know that this market decline has been painful.

Our firm was founded in 1981. Over the course of our 39-year history, we have experienced many bull and bear markets. History has repeatedly demonstrated that staying committed to a long-term investment plan is the most prudent approach.

We will continue to manage your assets with a long-term approach, and we encourage you to stay the course.


Trust Company of Oklahoma remains open and our services continue uninterrupted.

Should you need to place trades, discuss your investments, access funds from your accounts, ask a question or voice a concern, please contact us via email or call (918) 744-0553 in Tulsa and (405) 840-8401 in Oklahoma City.

Are you over 60 or at higher risk? Please let us know if we can support you by coordinating food, medicine or supplies delivered to you.

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you, and will continue to conduct business and serve you with the same level of dedication and professionalism as ever.

Thank you as always for your trust and your business.

Stay safe,

James F. Arens II, CFA
President and Chief Investment Officer

(918) 744-0553