Spotlight: Coffee Bunker

An introduction to notable & local non-profits

In the field of military operations, a bunker is a place for respite and rest, a place to regroup and prepare to reengage. It is a place of peace – if just for a short while. For Tulsa area veterans attempting to reintegrate into civilian life, Coffee Bunker is their place of peace.

For many veterans, transitioning into civilian life is difficult. When the process fails, the consequences can be heartbreaking. Tulsa Marine Daniel Ligon struggled after serving his country and tragically took his own life in 2009. After Daniel’s death, his mother, Mary Ligon, founded Coffee Bunker.

Veterans and service members visit Coffee Bunker everyday to benefit from con-nection and supportive reintegration. It is a drop-in center for veterans of all ages, providing a variety of programs and activities for personal support as well as connections to other organizations serving veterans. The key to its success is the vet-to-vet, peer support system.

Each day, up to 90 veterans and service members stop by to get together, use computers, access Wi-Fi, enjoy games and group activities, watch TV, or just hang out. Coffee Bunker’s safe and relaxing atmosphere welcomes all current and former military servicemen and women, as well as their family members.

The nonprofit relies on volunteers and will soon provide extensive training to select veterans in the following areas: mental health issues, pursuit of education goals, employment preparation, and creation of strong relationships. Coffee Bunker functions solely on the generosity of personal donations, grants, company sponsorships, and in-kind gifts.

To learn more about the organization and how you can help, visit