Tulsa Habitat for Humanity

Tulsa Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to providing the opportunity of homeownership and building quality, affordable housing in partnership with hardworking, deserving individuals and families in the Tulsa area. Since 1988, the nonprofit has worked with more than 350 families to realize their dream of homeownership.

A common misconception is that Habitat for Humanity simply gives away homes. Instead, the organization provides access to homeownership. Through home sponsorships, individual donations and volunteer time, Tulsa Habitat for Humanity builds affordable and attractive homes that are sold to families through 0% interest loans. In addition to paying for their homes, the home-buyers work side-by-side with sponsors and volunteers to help build their own and other homes. All home-buyers complete the Homeowners College, an intensive program that includes courses on credit management, individualized debt counseling, money management, basic home repair, mortgages and lending process, escrow and taxes, legalities of homeownership and more.

Tulsa’s Kendall-Whittier neighborhood is the new strategic focus for the organization. With over 300 vacant lots and 200 boarded up properties, the location offers Tulsa Habitat for Humanity the opportunity to make a measurable impact in a defined geographical area. This redevelopment strategy includes public, private and nonprofit partners focused on education, economic development, sustainability, infrastructure and job creation. It is also important to come up with a home design true to the architecture of the area, remain affordable for homeowners and appreciate in value over time. Through successful partnerships, in 2016 Tulsa Habitat for Humanity has completed three homes in the Kendall-Whittier neighborhood and has acquired more than 20 lots in the area.

All of this is possible only through the support of donors and volunteers. Sponsoring a home, volunteering on a build, donating land, sponsoring a home, donating or contributing monthly through our “Carpenters Club” are just a few ways the community can make a lasting difference in the lives of a family.
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