South Tulsa Community House

Quick: What comes to mind when you hear “61st and Peoria?” If it is a hopeless crime scene and police cars, you are not alone. The infamous intersection has been the stage for much crime, but it really is so much more.

South Tulsa Community House (STCH), located in the heart of the Riverwood area (from 51st to 71st and Riverside to Lewis), focuses on serving this vulnerable community.

The population of Riverwood that STCH serves includes working parents struggling to feed their children, veterans traumatized by war, disabled men and women unable to work, the elderly choosing between food and medication, and the chronically un- and under-employed despairing without meaningful work.

Daily and gratefully, these Tulsans head to STCH seeking food for their families, transportation to job interviews or medical appointments, and use of the nonprofit’s computers or fax machine to complete job applications or apply for medical care. The doors of STCH are open and help is available. Moreover, at STCH, hope is available.

The doors at STCH are also open to other organizations, allowing them space to provide their desperately needed services: Emergency Infant Services, Union Public Schools ESL and GED programs, TRIO Educational Opportunities, Tulsa Health Department, Legal Aid, Improving Lives Counseling Services, and more.

Together, with valued partners, STCH touches the lives of over 400 households per month, meeting needs and fulfilling STCH’s mission: “Help a Little, Empower a Lot!”

This year, STCH will distribute enough food for more than 100,000 meals. For more information, visit