Spotlight: Oklahoma Council on Economic Education

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The Oklahoma Council on Economic Education (OCEE) is dedicated to reaching every student in Oklahoma with personal finance and economic education. Founded in 1954, the nonprofit seeks to provide K-12 Oklahoma teachers with practical educational resources and professional development opportunities to help them incorporate the principles of economics and personal finance in their classrooms.

The need for financial education in Oklahoma schools cannot be overstated. Research shows that the income of nearly one in three young adults in Oklahoma goes toward debt repayment. In fact, more individuals are filing for bankruptcy than graduating college in this state. It may not be a surprise to learn that Oklahomans are ranked third in the nation at spending more than we make.

OCEE’s proven methods lead to an increase in credit scores and a decrease in credit delinquency. Moreover, at a time when education budget cuts have never been more severe and the burden on our schools has never been greater, OCEE is a source of support for K-12 teachers and students.
By working with partners across Oklahoma to provide teacher and student programs, OCEE reached 576 teachers and impacted the lives of over 31,000 students in 2016.

OCEE constantly seeks new partners and volunteers to help expand its programs to reach the remainder of the 700,000 students and 46,000 Oklahoma teachers. In November, OCEE will be hosting their largest annual event for third to fifth grade students and teachers in three Oklahoma cities: Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Ardmore. This event will be an opportunity for these educators and their students to see OCEE’s impact on their lives. To learn more about OCEE and how you can help, visit