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Women have been imprisoned in Oklahoma at a higher rate than any other state for 30 years and addiction is the underlying issue in 75% of criminal cases in the state. Children are torn from their mothers and women are sent to prison in record numbers, not because they committed violent crimes, but because they are addicts. Women with offenses tied to addiction need help (not incarceration) to become drug-free, healthy, and productive.

Resonance’s programs hold women accountable, but give them the treatment, tools, oversight, and encouragement to rebuild their lives and families. By treating the underlying problem of addiction, and helping facilitate access to jobs, housing, and family reunification, the likelihood of recidivism (returning to prison) greatly decreases.

In 2018, Resonance helped almost 1,000 at-risk women on their journey to be sober, employed, and loving, present mothers. Resonance services include:

Addiction Recovery Services: An alternative for women facing prison sentences due to substance abuse. Court-ordered outpatient substance abuse treatment at the Resonance offices near downtown Tulsa allows a woman to stay with her children and work while in intensive outpatient counseling.

Prison-to-Community Reentry Services: Pre and post release programs, including work readiness, treatment and relapse prevention, and life skills training to help women be successful upon release from prison. Services are offered at prison and jail facilities in the Tulsa, Muskogee, and OKC areas; after release women access services through the Resonance offices.

Take 2: A Resonance Café: A workforce social enterprise for women needing immediate employment upon release from prison. Take 2 offers on-the-job training, short-term housing and employment, helping women move on to better jobs and their own housing.

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