Helping Our Clients & Their Employees

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A point of pride I have in TCO is the variety of services we offer our clients. I’m sure many of you know that we often serve as corporate trustees and asset managers, but one of our hidden-gem services is Retirement Plan Solutions.

I know that helping your employees reach their financial goals is just as important to you as reaching your company’s corporate goals. In fact, your employees’ 401(k) retirement plan may have become one of your bigger concerns.

We are committed to taking on that responsibility and helping your employees prepare for retirement. As a fully bundled provider, we deliver all services relating to the plan and your employees from right here in Oklahoma. Our retirement plans provide investment options with competitive performance and reasonable fees to ensure the future well-being of your valued employees.

We partner with you to develop a 401(k) plan that you and your employees need in order to achieve long-term goals. Our dedicated team of seasoned experts truly customizes every aspect of your plan. While every retirement plan is intended to prepare employees for retirement, our experts can assist with identifying plan features that meet your company’s needs for recruitment and retention.

If you’d like help with the responsibility of helping your employees plan for the future, give us a call. We’re always here for you.

James F. Arens II, CFA
Chairman, President and CEO

(918) 744-0553