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In Oklahoma alone, more than 64,000 families are affected by Alzheimer’s. Family members, neighbors, and friends are forced into caregiving roles to help a loved one who suffers from this fatal disease that slowly steals personalities, memories, and abilities to function.

The Alzheimer’s Association addresses the immediate needs of families living with someone who has dementia as well as the long-term goal of ending the
disease through research. In essence, the Alzheimer’s Association is working to put itself out of business. Until that day comes, the association is here to help those affected by this disease navigate the difficult journey.

The association’s care and support program is a state-wide comprehensive system of education and services. There is an entry point for caregivers seeking
information about the disease as well as customized services to support those living with dementia and their families. Free to families, the programs include a 24/7 helpline, family care consultations, caregiver counseling, support groups, referral services, professional healthcare training, and a range of community education efforts for families, communities, businesses, and senior service agencies. In addition, the association, through its volunteer advocates, works with elected officials to create catalytic policy change at the city, county, state, and federal levels.

Learn how you can play a role in supporting those affected and ending Alzeimer’s for good at