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Safety in the Digital Age: Tips to Protect Against Scams and Identity Theft

Empower yourself against digital risks with practical tips to safeguard yourself and loved ones in today’s interconnected financial landscape.

A Welcome Return to Normalcy

2023 was a turbulent year for investing, but many people’s minds is what 2024 looks like. We take a look at what the future may hold.

ViewPoint – A Letter From the Desk of Michael Hopper – January 2024

As we move into 2024, we want to share several promotions and additions to the Trust Company of Oklahoma team.

2023 October Newsletter

ViewPoint – A Letter From the Desk of Michael Hopper – October 2023

Learn more about recent changes at Trust Company of Oklahoma.

Business Health and Employee Financial Wellness

Financial wellness programs are a win-win for employers and employees. We break down why it’s a smart move for businesses.

Rethinking Portfolio Diversification

S&P 500 Concentration and Tech Growth Have Changed the Landscape of Investing

2023 July Newsletter

ViewPoint – A Letter From the Desk of Jim Arens – July 2023

We greet 2023 with hopes of a more peaceful year globally. Share in our news of recent transitions within our company.

SPOTLIGHT – Positive Tomorrows

Learn how Positive Tomorrows helps central Oklahoma students and families facing homelessness succeed in the classroom and beyond.

When Fireworks Aren’t Fun

Taking proactive steps with your estate plan can diffuse tensions among beneficiaries.

Maximizing Profits and Tax Efficiency

Exploring the Power of a Deferred Sales Trust for Financial Flexibility

AI: The Next Revolution?

Examining the Impact and Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Markets and Beyond

2023 April Newsletter

Getting Banks Back on Track

Understanding Recent Bank Failures and How They Compare to 2008

Key Provisions of the SECURE Act 2.0

The new law expands savings opportunities and provides a new option for unused 529 plan balances.

Real Estate Trends Amid Pandemic Recovery

Supply is high in Oklahoma, but buyers face market fears, inflation, and high mortgage rates.

SPOTLIGHT – South Tulsa Community House

Learn how South Tulsa Community House helps individuals and families combat hunger and poverty, ultimately empowering clients to independence.

2023 January Newsletter

SPOTLIGHT – Sharing Tree

Learn how Sharing Tree is bringing dignity to the shopping experience for central Oklahoma individuals and families in need.

The Time for Gifting

Making gifts to family and charity doesn’t have to be a year-end chore.

Off to a Good Start

Three Ways to Gift Money to Children and Grandchildren

ViewPoint – A Letter From the Desk of Jim Arens – January 2023

We greet 2023 with hopes of a more peaceful year globally. Share in our news of recent transitions within our company.

Is Cash Still Trash?

With the Fed’s rate hikes and checking and savings yields low, it might pay to move your money from your bank.

An End to the Drama

As the curtain falls on a turbulent 2022, marked by inflation, fear, and confusion, what can we expect from 2023?

2022 October Newsletter

Roth IRA Conversions

This year marks the Roth IRA’s 25th anniversary. It’s a popular tool for many retirement savers. Before you convert your accounts into a Roth IRA, make sure it’s the right choice for you.

The Pitfalls of Self-Made Estate Plans

Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde sheds light on why you should engage the experts before drafting your own estate plans.

Announcements – October 2022

Trust Company of Oklahoma is proud to announce the recent achievements of two employees.

SPOTLIGHT – Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma

Learn how Catholic Charities of Eastern Oklahoma is providing services to all in need.

Finding a Cure for Inflation

With lingering high inflation, interest rates on the rise, and many Americans feeling the strain on their budgets, what will it take to get the economy back to normal?

2022 July Newsletter

U.S. stock market forecast ahead of the 2022 midterm elections

U.S. midterm election years have generally been the weakest for the stock market in a presidential term. Will history forecast how the upcoming elections affect the U.S. stock markets? 

SECURE Act 2.0

Congress is considering another bipartisan retirement bill called the Securing a Strong Retirement Act (SECURE Act 2.0).  If it passes, here are two proposed changes that will primarily affect retirees and those approaching retirement.

Why you might be charged higher Medicare Premiums during retirement

See how Medicare premiums are affected by IRMAA and what to consider if it happens to you.

SPOTLIGHT – New Hope Oklahoma

Learn how New Hope Oklahoma​​​​​​​ is working on ending generational incarceration, one child at a time, through afterschool and community-based programs for children impacted by incarceration.  

2022 April Newsletter

The Fed’s War on Inflation

Is an economic “soft landing” possible with historically high inflation?

ViewPoint – A Letter From the Desk of Jim Arens – April 2022

Our Oklahoma City team is moving to an office – one that will is better serve our clients and our employees.

Finding Peace With Your Possessions

You love your things – but how do your heirs feel about them?

Is There a Pilot on Board?

Choosing your successor trustee is a lot like choosing a co-pilot – be careful who you choose to handle your assets after your death.

SPOTLIGHT – NewView Oklahoma

Learn how NewView Oklahoma has been helping empower those who are blind or have low vision since 1949.

2022 January Newsletter


Learn how Iron Gate has been working to lessen hunger in Tulsa through its soup kitchen and grocery pantry.

Knowledge Is Power

Professional guidance can pay dividends when it comes to examining your oil and gas assets.

What Is ‘Normal’ Now?

We look at inflation, the market, and the economy in 2021 to see if 2022 will be an equally unusual year.

New Features for TCO Clients

TCO is pleased to share some exciting new features for our clients, which should help make filing your tax returns easier than ever.

Understanding Your 1099 Form

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between covered and noncovered sales on your TCO 1099-B form? We break down the differences.

ViewPoint – A Letter From the Desk of Jim Arens – January 2022

We’re thankful for our families, friends, community, clients and colleagues. Plus, we have promotion announcements.

Taking Stock of Big Tech

Big Tech has enjoyed big gains during the pandemic, but how long can its dominance last?

Defending Yourself Against Keyboard Criminals

Cyberscams and cyberattacks can happen quickly. Use these tips to help keep your identity out of the hands of criminals.

Decanting Statute Will Rewrite Oklahoma’s Trust Playbook

Much like how a game in 1912 forever changed the game of football, a new Oklahoma statute will change the way trustees can act on behalf of beneficiaries.

SPOTLIGHT – Sunbeam Family Services

Learn how Sunbeam Family Services serves vulnerable children, families and seniors throughout central Oklahoma.


ViewPoint – A Letter From the Desk of Jim Arens – October 2021

We pride ourselves on helping take care of our clients, but did you know we can help take care of your employees as well?



TSHA has been providing resources, advocacy and language accessibility to Oklahomans who are deaf or hard of hearing since 1953.

Unraveling Biden’s Tax Plan

President Joe Biden’s revenue proposal could affect income, capital gains and estate tax rates. Find out what changes could be coming.

Fleeting or Forever?

It’s the word dominating headlines and on most people’s minds. Is inflation here to stay, or will it ease as the pandemic restrictions end?

ViewPoint – A Letter From the Desk of Jim Arens – July 2021

TCO is proud to celebrate 40 years of helping to protect our clients’ assets, grow their wealth and advise them for life.


Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts

The Spousal Lifetime Access Trust may be the perfect tool to shift assets out of your taxable estate.

SPOTLIGHT – Parent Child Center of Tulsa

Learn more about PCCT, working hard to prevent child abuse and neglect in our community.

The Home-Buying Boom

Suggestions on how to make the most of the booming real estate market.

ViewPoint – A Letter From the Desk of Jim Arens

The pandemic may have changed many things but one aspect of our business has not.

Bitcoin Basics

Bitcoin has been described as ‘digital gold.’ But what exactly is it?


SPOTLIGHT – Oklahoma Lawyers for Children

Learn more about OLFC, working tirelessly to provide legal representation for abused and neglected children in foster care.

Through Thick And Thin

2020 was without a doubt an interesting year. Despite all the challenges, the economy rebounded sharply. What does the future have in store for 2021?

One Hundred Years Later – Dispatches From Route 66

Are you suffering from Presidential Election Fatigue? Let’s take a look at the 1920 U.S. Election for some healthy historical perspective.

SPOTLIGHT – Clarehouse

Learn more about Clarehouse,  a community home for dying individuals that has served Northeastern Oklahoma for 17 years.

ViewPoint – A Letter From the Desk of Jim Arens

It is my pleasure to share with you some great news about our professional team.


To Infinity and Beyond – Dispatches From Route 66

It’s an Apple-and-Tesla new world. Let’s talk about paradigm shift.

The Price of Greatness – Dispatches From Route 66

Philip Mock reviews TV series about Michael Jordan.

SPOTLIGHT – Ronald McDonald House of Charities Tulsa

In 2019, the Ronald McDonald House of Tulsa provides lodging and support for families coming to Tulsa to seek health care for their sick children. Learn more.

Love, Give & Receive

Congress makes charitable giving even more attractive. Read more.

ViewPoint – Our Professional Team

Dealing with a worldwide pandemic, the TCO way. Read more.

ViewPoint – Our Offices Are Open

Our offices are open and our professionals continue to serve you. Read more.

Tax Day Delayed To July 15

As COVID-19 grips the nation, the IRS delayed the deadline to file and pay federal income taxes. Read more.

Our Response To COVID-19

Our offices are open and our services continue uninterrupted. Read more.

SPOTLIGHT – Homeless Alliance

In 2019, the Homeless Alliance helped 754 people work their way out of homelessness. Learn more about this dedicated nonprofit organization.

SPOTLIGHT – Assistance League Tulsa

An all-volunteer nonprofit that provides students with a full school wardrobe and the confidence they need to succeed in class.

ViewPoint – Congratulate Our Professional Team

Let’s raise a glass to the new year! We have two new officers and several professionals have been promoted.

ViewPoint – Great News About Our Professional Team

Summer was busy at TCO with some great achievements by our professional team and two new officers joining our firm.

Spotlight – Resonance

Resonance is a center for women, helping improve lives and rebuild families.

ViewPoint – Why Clients Do Business With Us

I have many reason to be proud of who we are and the services we offer

The New Tax Law & the Economics of Divorce

Understand the new tax law before untying the knot

Honey, We Forgot The Car!

How to handle cars in estate planning

Trying Not To Be a Dodo

Changing Political Climate Threatens Fiscal Conservative Species

The Great Known Unknown

Two people very close to me passed away recently. My wife’s grandmother and Ed, a family friend. They reminded me of life’s greatest mystery.

ViewPoint – A Message from the Desk of Tom Wilkins

“Why should anyone hire Trust Company of Oklahoma to serve as corporate trustee and invest the assets if a family member can do it for free?” she asked me. Here’s what I responded.

A message from the Desk of Tom Wilkins

It is always a pleasure to recognize the professionals who earned promotions and well deserved professional accreditations. Read more.

The Return of Volatility

It was a challenging year for investors. We wrapped up 2018 with a second 10% correction for the year. What’s driving investor anxiety and how does 2019 look like for the markets?

Spotlight – Alzheimer’s Association

Each quarter, we highlight a local nonprofit organization working to improve our communities. Learn more about the Alzheimer’s Association.

Tariffs And Raisins – Children Pick Up On The Darndest Things

The Trump administration recently imposed steep tariffs on several countries, including China. In retaliation, China imposed tariffs on American products. This isn’t the first time the U.S. grapples with competitive tariffs, though. Learn more about our country’s history of tariff conflicts and the current conflict’s impact on our economy.

July 2018 ViewPoint

A message from the desk of Tom Wilkins.